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Who we are –

Recovery is a word often used to describe the process of returning to health following problematic alcohol use, drug use and other addictive behaviours. It is a process of healing that by necessity involves other people, and which leads to uncovering and working through other issues which may have led to the addiction.

Recovery Central is a comprehensive Counselling and Psychology Service specialising in addictions. More often than not, people can be affected by more than one issue, and we are significantly experienced at dealing with conditions that underlie substance misuse and compulsive behaviours, such as depression, anxiety, trauma, abuse or grief.

Our clinicians are non-judgemental, holistic in their approach and very experienced. They are registered with the Australian Psychological Society and supervised to ensure a high level of professionalism and ethical conduct. They are also committed to reflective practice and professional development. 

Our Group Facilitators also provide relaxation and education groups for clients and corporate customers, including school and educational settings.

What we do -
We offer counselling services primarily around issues of addiction. We are experienced at helping with problem and binge drinking, quitting smoking, illicit drug use, gambling, sex addiction as well as problematic online and internet use. Our Principal Psychologist Mr Anthony Piras is a Senior Psychologist with 20 years’ experience, having worked in a range of public health and private practice positions providing individual therapy, counselling and clinical supervision. He has a strong ongoing interest in working with clients who have comorbid mental health and drug and alcohol issues, and retains strong links to public health units. As an experienced clinician, Mr Piras also provides a number of supervision groups for other clinicians, as well as individual supervision sessions. 

Our logo -   

At the centre of our logo is a stylised representation of the Koru, an ancient Maori symbol which is based upon the shape of an unfurling frond. In Maori artwork, the Koru often represents opening up to a new life, the leaf of the fern containing all of its hidden potential. As well as new growth and beginnings, it also represents peace and tranquillity. We believe this is central to the journey of recovery. 
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